Aug 5
7:00 pm

Donna Maria Sursock Gardens
Sofar, Lebanon


Donna Maria Sursock Gardens

Sofar village owes its existence to the railway built by the Ottomans in 1880 which linked Beirut to Rayyak in the Beqaa valley with many stops on the way. Because of its easy access, purity of air and stunning location overlooking the beautiful Hammana Lamartine valley, the village quickly grew under the impulse of Beirut's "Haute Bourgeoisie" who made it its favorite summer destination by building many lavish villas. The Villa known as Donna Maria Sursock's residence was built in 1909. The Villa looks like a small fairy tale castle, a novelty at the time.

Dress Code

Get ready to celebrate with us in style! Our wedding calls for formal attire, and to ensure comfort on the grassy areas of our venue, ladies are encouraged to wear wedges or block heels. Shoe stoppers will also be available.


Valet service will be available.